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Building a partnership that responds to the needs of head office executives and store franchisees.

Herbies Pizza UK, a prominent player in the pizza industry with 20+ stores, sought a departure from conventional marketing agency approaches. Dissatisfied with rigid partnerships in the past, Herbies sought a flexible, adaptive agency to align with their dynamic business model and processes. The senior team faced the challenge of finding a marketing agency capable of accommodating their unique operational framework, that could be agile in growing with evolving market demands as well as their internal needs.

Enter BbA! Commencing our partnership four years ago with social media support, we swiftly evolved into an indispensable extension of Herbies' senior team. Our adaptable packages and collaborative approach allowed us to integrate seamlessly into their operations and grow alongside them.

Over the years, we have transformed Herbies' marketing landscape, fostering robust connections with both customers and franchise owners. By crafting tailored processes, we balance the needs of franchisees with the imperative to safeguard the brand and commercial interests of the head office.

    Head Office Support: From shaping marketing and commercial strategies to crafting franchisee brand frameworks, we provide comprehensive support to Herbies' central operations.

    Franchisee Empowerment: Our services extend to designing store print/digital materials, executing targeted social media campaigns, and deploying email marketing initiatives, empowering franchisees to thrive in their local markets.

    The results have been vast. Our partnership has expedited marketing delivery across the board, ensuring timely campaigns and initiatives that resonate with Herbies' national customer base. Individual franchise stores have reaped the benefits of personalised marketing strategies, driving engagement and loyalty within their respective communities. Serving as Herbies' internal marketing arm, we wield the authority to enact decisions and adjustments that optimise commercial and marketing strategies in real-time.

    Our partnership with Herbies Pizza UK is a glowing example of our collaborative, adaptive marketing solutions, and how we can grow with your business. By prioritising flexibility, innovation, and strategic alignment, we have not only revolutionised Herbies' understanding of marketing approach but also fortified their position as a key industry player.

    Our most recent paid ad campaign ran across all 20 stores and the ROI for the business as a whole was 491%.
    Data revealed that 24% of sales were from new customers, while 50% were lapsed customers who re-engaged.
    As a by-product of a recent paid ad, there was a 50% increase in Instagram visits and a 124% increase in Facebook visits.

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