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Achieving a 300% increase in customer loyalty within local communities

ZaxsWax, a vibrant local start-up bursting with potential, sought our expertise to transform their abundance of ideas into an actionable strategy. Recognising the need to prioritise activities, particularly in the absence of substantial revenue typical of start-ups, we started our journey to launch the business into the local community.

Understanding the significance of local engagement for a small business post-covid, we delved into understanding the competitive landscape while strategising personalised approaches for quality outreach. Our efforts paid off, propelling ZaxsWax to an astounding 481% revenue growth within a mere 12-months.

Beginning with a clean slate, we crafted a brand identity through a comprehensive logo design process, intentionally selecting colour palettes, and refining a tone of voice that would resonate with the target audience. From there, our input extended to designing captivating vehicle wraps for the company van, creating attractive loyalty cards, and producing eye-catching leaflets for local distribution.

The digital realm was not overlooked, as we built a new website seamlessly integrating online booking functionality, synchronized with Zax's personal calendar for streamlined management. As the business evolved over the subsequent two years, so did our support, encompassing improvements like payment processing for booking deposits, integration of screening questions into the booking process, and an expansion of service offerings from six to an impressive thirteen.

Our ongoing support was integral, ranging from social media management and real-time website updates to meticulously crafted seasonal campaigns. Recognising Zax's as a new business owner, wearing many hats, we provided invaluable assistance in defining internal processes, thus enhancing efficiency for him and elevating the overall customer experience. Our role extended beyond execution as we imparted essential marketing insights, empowering Zax to capitalise on every conceivable opportunity and maximise our collaborative efforts.

Zax's unwavering trust in our expertise paved the way for remarkable achievements, with user-generated content contributing to an impressive 21% of sales on average, accompanied by a staggering 300% surge in customer loyalty. Through our extensive and tailored approach, ZaxsWax emerged not just as a local business but as a great example of BbA success!

Over 12-months revenue grew by 481%, this has also been sustainable revenue for the business.
By year two, each month had 50% of return customer bookings, up 300% on year one.
On average 21% of sales are generated by UGC methods, taught to Zax through BbA marketing education.

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