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Yummies approached us at a time where they needed to swiftly generate new revenue, while optimising resource allocation; of which outsourced marketing was one of those resources. Recognising the pivotal role of marketing in driving revenue growth and brand awareness, they enlisted our support to navigate these challenges effectively.

Responding to Yummies' urgent need for action, we jumped straight in with social media management across Instagram and LinkedIn. By defining distinct audience segments across Instagram and LinkedIn, we tailored our approaches to resonate with each group's preferences and behaviours. The primary objective was brand awareness, being constantly present in the minds of new and current customers. Central to our efforts was the cultivation of robust brand awareness, underpinned by the rapid establishment of a strong brand identity to fortify consistency and meaningful connection.

In a matter of months, our partnership with Yummies grew to include a diverse array of marketing initiatives. From crafting compelling sales collateral and procuring targeted B2B data, to orchestrating precision-targeted email campaigns and designing sustainable packaging. Our interventions yielded tangible traction in new markets, driving revenue growth and market expansion.

Our partnership with Yummies emphasises the impact of strategic marketing solutions in driving brand awareness, revenue growth and related diversification. By aligning our efforts with Yummies' objectives and market opportunities, we enabled them to make informed decisions to grow their business with agility and resilience.

Increased the database of B2B prospects by 275%
We're proud to have had an average engagement rate of 5.5% over the last quarter
We've increased email click through rates by 1%

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